Beyond Fossil Fools

Author Joe Shuster in a conversational and straight-forward tone, will educate you on the scope and urgency of the most important issue of our time- energy.

Joe’s book Beyond Fossil Fools; The Roadmap to Energy Independence By 2040 in a clear quantified presentation, defines the problem, and then shows the roadmap to a solution complete with costs and a timeline for implementation. The world must abandon fossil fuels if we are to create and enjoy prosperity and a cleaner environment. Clean, renewable, efficient, eternal energy is available, completely affordable, and must be essentially installed within 30 years.

Parts of this book will astound you, other parts will anger you; the rest will give you hope, and if Joe had his way, motivate you to action. We must ACT now. The worst thing to do is nothing or delay. We no longer have the gift of time.

This book is dedicated to a peaceful, pollution-free and energy-rich world. 

Energy Independence by 2040

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Energy Independence Day, July 4th 2040

"If you think wars and the present economic crisis are the world's
most severe challenges, you would be wrong. Energy is. Other
issues just won't matter if we don't fix this one."


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Be Energy Wise


Plentiful Energy: The Story of the Integral Fast Reactor

New book recommendation for 2012! Long awaited, a new landmark book on the development of the Integral Fast Rector. Learn the history and important facts about this amazing technology....IFR energy is inevitable so what are we waiting for! Everybody should read! By Charles Till and Yoon Chang.

Joe recommends the newly released book, Why We Hate the Oil companies, by John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil. A great read and I fully support John’s idea to create an Energy Reserve Board. see

Joe's Response to the Blue Ribbon Commission - Preliminary Draft on America's Nuclear Future

Joe's Energy Info Video

Joe Talks on New Nuclear Video

We Must Start Now! Video

4/28/10 - US Senate Hearing on Energy Policy


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